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About Us

Founded in 1896, Sichuan University (SCU) is one of the oldest universities in China and among the most prestigious national key universities in terms of education, research and social impact.It consists of three campuses of Wangjiang, Huaxi and Jiangan, covering an area of 470 hectares and boasting254 hectares of floor space. The university campuses, with their favorable environment and beautiful landscape, make a wonderful place for learning and doing research.


Sichuan University has a comprehensive range of disciplines covering 12 categories: humanities, science, engineering, medicine, economy, management, law, history, philosophy, agriculture, education and art. It consists of 36 colleges, including a postgraduate college and an overseas education college. A total of 45 disciplines have been authorized by the state to grant doctoral degrees. Altogether, the university offers 349 doctoral programs, 443 master programs, 32 professional master’s programs, 138 undergraduate programs, and 37 post-doctoral research stations. It also has 46 national key disciplines and 4 national key cultivated disciplines.


Sichuan University has exhibited great strength in research and made remarkable achievements over the years. It has 13 key national laboratories and engineering centers, 4 state-level international scientific and technological cooperation bases, 11 key laboratories and 6 engineering research centers under the supervision of Ministry of Education, and 3 key laboratories under the supervision ofMinistry of Health.

We offer a package of Talents Program for different talents. On entering one of the following programs, we will accordingly provide starting research funds, equipment, daily expenses and fees for international academic exchanges. We will also provide support in terms of salaries, housing, offices, laboratories, research assistants and graduate students. We look forward to you joining the ranks of the renowned scholars and researchers who make the SCU an outstanding university.


I. Chief Scientists

Related Fields: New Energy and Low Carbon Technology and Engineering, Industrial Internet, Aircraft engine and Combustion Kinetics, Aerospace Mechanics, Advanced Navigation and Flight Simulation, Cyberspace Security, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering

Qualifications:Obtained professorship or equivalent position at high level universities or research institutions, or experts with strong academic influence both domestically and internationally; excellent ability in academic team organization and noticeable social influence.


(1)Annual salary: RMB 600,000 - 1,000,000

(2)Research start-up fund: RMB 400,000 - 800,000 for humanities and social sciences; RMB 2,000,000 - 6,000,000 for natural science and engineering science

(3)Supporting packages: Budget for academic research assistants and personnel costs for academic team according to the disciplines construction

(4) Priority of being recommended by SCU to apply for national talent programs, including the “1000 Talents Plan” and the “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”.


II. International Faculty Program (Full-time or Part-time)

This program aims at attracting two levels of teachers with a non-Chinese nationality. The foreign teachers can work full or part time under a 3 to 5-year-contract at a fix or non-fix time every year (the working time at Sichuan University shall be no less than ONE month per year for the part-time foreign teachers).

Level 1: Full time or Part time High-end Foreign Teachers

We are looking for renowned professors in world-class universities or research institutes. We provide them competitive salary(400,000 Yuan to 1250,000 Yuan per year for the full-times and 30,000 Yuan to 100,000 Yuan per month for part-times), local insurance, fee for international travel and accommodation in the SCU, and a research assistant for each who is also a young full teacher in the SCU.

Level 2: Full-time Foreign Teachers

We are looking for foreign teachers with doctorate of the renowned international universities or research institutes with years of teaching or research experiences in university or research institutes. Salary scale will be within the range of 180,000 Yuan to 600,000 Yuan per year for the full time.


III. Young Scholars ProgramFull-time

For this program, we are looking for excellent talents from renowned universities or institutions, in the area of Natural Science, Medicine, Engineering, Liberal Art and Social Science.

A.Weencourage and support all the qualified candidates to apply the “Young 1000 Talents Program” and they will be given an academic title of Distinguished Researcher. Highly competitive salary(350,000-500,000 Yuan per year) and generous start-up funding(no less than 1500,000 Yuan)as well as housing allowance will be provided for each successful applicant. Talents who are eligible candidates for National Young 1000 Talents Plan will be encouraged and supported to apply for it.

B.Who have a doctorate from the top 100 international universities or research institutes (or from top 30 disciplines in the world) will be given an academic title of Researcher with annual salary pay 250,000 to 350,000Yuan and 200,000-600,000 Yuan as starting research fund.

C.We support Associate Researcher with annual salary pay 180,000 to 250,000Yuan and starting research fund 150,000-300,000 Yuan.

D.Weare also looking forpostdoctoral research fellow. For more details, please visit the Website:


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