Welcome ceremony for International Students of 2018 Spring Semester at School of History & Culture (Tourism)

更新日期:2018-04-04      来源:International Tourism and Hospitality Management Department

Friday 30 March witnessed a welcoming ceremony for new international students organized by the School of History & Culture(Tourism) at room 421, zone 2 of the Liberal Arts building, Jiang’an campus. At the ceremony, the students were officially welcomed with Chinese tea and greeted with speeches, student handbooks and a buffet dinner.


The welcoming ceremony started at 4:30 p.m. Dr. Xin, the chair, gave a brief introduction to the guests, including Prof. Zhiyong Li, Associate Dean of School of History & Culture(Tourism), Dr. Shuang Xin, Director of International Tourism and Hospitality Management Department, Dr. Junjie Wen, Associate Director, Dr. Mengying Xia, tutor of international students.

The Associate Dean Li delivered an opening speech. Firstly, he introduced the School of History & Culture(Tourism) to the international students, including the institutional framework, departments, majors, academic programs, teaching facilities, and student activities. His words brought a detailed information about the administrative issues to the international guests.


Combined with his six-year postgraduate career in the UK, Dr. Xin shared his experiences and feelings of living in a foreign country. He pointed that our outstanding teachers will provide excellent courses both in academic and practice, and they will try their best to help the students not only in studying but also in living. Dr. Xin’s humour raised laughter and smile from the audience.


Subsequently, Dr. Wen, the Associate Director, also mentioned his overseas study experience in Austria. Moreover, Dr. Wen reminded the students to develop the habit of taking notes, which he recognized as an important method of study. Last but not least, Dr. Wen strongly recommended new students to step into the local community, integrate into the lives of local people and experience Chinese local culture instead of just staying inside the campus.


After the speech from Dr. Wen, Nadeesha and Dimuth gave speeches on behalf of postgraduate and undergraduate students respectively. Based on their experiences of living at Sichuan university, they encouraged the novices to act early and be diligent. They also suggested communicating with tutors and senior students is necessary, and that being grateful to supervisors, friends and families is helpful for receiving their support and encouragement. In addition, Dimuth particularly appreciated the field trips to Leshan and Mount Emei last semester, which brought him huge help in recognizing Chinese tourists attractions directly.



Finally, Tutor Xia give a brief introduction to the Handbook for International Students in Sichuan University, emphasized the importance of rules, especially remind students to pay attention to their personal safety in and out of campus. Then Tutor Xia provided some useful tips for international students about their study and daily life.


The opening ceremony ended with a group photo of all the leaders and international students. After the photo session, all the participants joined in the buffet at the wine-tasting laboratory. Everyone talked actively and exchanged their ideas while enjoying delicious food and beverage. During the joyful time, freshmen not only start their new life, but also unfold a new chapter at Sichuan University.