Activity Summary | Exotic Songs and Dances with Amorous Feelings

更新日期:2018-04-27      来源:Activity Summary | Exotic Songs and Dances with Amorous Feelings

On April 15th, 2018, the POHELA BAISHAK Bangladesh National Festival, sponsored by the Youth League Committee and the Students' Union of the School of History and Culture (School of Tourism) smoothly proceeded at the Youth Square in Jiang'an Campus. The enthusiasm of the students as the New Year atmosphere overflowed gradually as well. At the same time, Mr. XIN Shuang, the director of the Department of International Tourism and Hospitality Management at the School of History and Culture (School of Tourism), and Mr. WEN Junjie, the assistant director also took part in the activities, and participated in the whole process of hand-painting.



At noon, the sun rises, coinciding with the scenery, usher in a good time to celebrate. At 12:30, the host CHEN Jiabao announced the start of the event. In the preheating preaching of the host, the Chinese audience could not wait to feel the culture of Bangladesh and the colorful culture of South Asia. They also opened their eyes in the New Year’s background of Bangladesh for the taste of authentic Bangladesh. The host mentioned that in the culture of Sichuan university, celebrating the Bangladesh New Year is a two-way cultural care and cultural heritage for both South Asia and China. This event not only brings joy and blessings to international students. It also allows them to feel the kindly humane care of Sichuan University. At the same time, international students and Chinese students can increase their international friendship through various art forms in the process of participating in the activities and show their colourful amorous feelings.


First, students from Bangladesh brought a well-prepared song and dance performance. Rich and diverse forms of expression, such as multi-play, single solo, two chorus, etc., can be described as colorful and aroused warm applause from audience.


Their appearance is smart and graceful as their songs are bright and beautiful. Afterwards, the Chinese student representatives of the School of History and Culture (School of Tourism) and the international students of Bangladesh completed a dance with a tacit understanding, reflecting the harmony of the two countries students. After the show, the atmosphere of the event is gradually warming up.


In the interval between the performances, there are also some small games that interact with the students, such as throwing the ball into the bucket. In one minute you need to put five balls into a bucket of some distance which tested the coordination and judgment of the students. The students enthusiastically participated in the game, and showed a light and agile posture. All the students who participated in the interactive games were given small gifts.


In addition, the highly anticipated hand-painted Henna is naturally very popular. Henna hand-painting is an ancient art of body decoration, popular in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and other regions, the pigment comes from a plant called Hannah. This hand-painted tattoo can be scrubbed without leaving an imprint. Based on the beautiful patterns of Henna tattoos, the students went to try and select various patterns that they liked, as if the enthusiasm of the New Year holiday was also tattooed into the skin and carved an unforgettable mark.


Till then, the activity has been successfully concluded.