Winter Holiday Security Education for International Students in School of History and Culture (Tourism)

更新日期:2018-12-20      来源:School of History and Culture (Tourism) Yu Zhicheng

Winter vacation is coming. On the afternoon of December 19, 2018, the “Winter Holiday Security Education for International Students in School of History and Culture (Tourism) ” was officially held in Classroom 421 of Section 2 of Liberal Arts Building. The security education aimed to implement the requirements of safety education and management for foreign students during winter vacation, and to make sure that students in our school can improve their self-protection awareness and enjoy a safe and happy vacation. The main speaker of the class was Tutor Summer and the participants were the international students of our school. The theme of the class was winter vacation safety education, including: winter vacation arrangement, dormitory safety, food safety, traffic safety, property safety and registration of students’ whereabouts.


The safety education began at 4.30 p.m. on December 19. First and foremost, Tutor Summer explained the purpose and importance of the safety education, and briefly outlined the contents of each part. Subsequently, Tutor Summer described the vacation schedule of this winter vacation to remind students to arrange the time of leaving school and returning to school reasonably. In addition, Tutor Summer introduced the Chinese Spring Festival to the students, telling them that it is the most important traditional festival in China and a festival for family reunion.

In the second part, Tutor Summer taught the students about the safety issues that should be paid attention to during the winter vacation. She especially emphasized the traffic safety during winter vacation and property safety during school leaving.

In the third part, Tutor Summer asked the students to fill in the whereabouts registration of the winter vacation to make sure that the school can carry out unified management and better protect the safety of students. In addition, Tutor Summer reminded the students to review carefully in order to achieve good results in the final examination.

After the calss, Tutor Summer patiently answered the students’ questions about the arrangement of the holidays and wished them a warm and happy holiday.